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Any paper writing required from a student to perform several steps: choose a topic, conduct research, create an outline, write, edit, and proofread. And custom essay writing is not an exclusion. An essay is a three-four pages paper which is aimed to represent your view on the topic and provide a conclusion. Sounds easy, right? But many students are stuck with such a simple task.
So, here are the tips which might help you to get custom essay papers without any issue. You might probably think that it is another one “how to write an essay” article, but it’s not about us!

How custom essays are created?

Before, we mentioned steps to craft a high-quality essay. At first glance, these steps are easy to follow, and there won’t be any problem to produce one. Let’s discuss ‘blocks’ for each point you need to overcome when you decided to write an essay paper:

  • Topic choice. Of course, you will say that it is no problem to Google and find the list of popular topics for any type of essay. But these topics are overused by others. There are hundreds of papers written on each, and you won’t stand out from others if you choose one. So, your grade becomes lower – and you don’t want that. Turn on your creativeness and rework any topic you like to make it original.
  • The research. After you decided, it’s time to conduct your own research. It doesn’t matter if you are writing a narrative or argumentative essay – you need research to dive into the topic and share your thoughts in the essay. There are thousands of sources you can use on any topic. Yet, some of them have limited access, and others won’t support your point of view. Moreover, you need a lot of time to conduct deep research: internet, library and other resources in the campus are handy, but there may not be enough, and you might need a paid subscription to online libraries. Forget about Wikipedia – it is not the source you need.
  • Outline. An essay outline is a plan you will be following. Any of custom essays require a plan. Without it, your paper will be inconsistent. Usually, an essay paper consists of an introduction, three to five passages of content and conclusion. In outline, you need to think what each part of your essay will contain – always plan ahead!
  • Writing. If high-quality writing is not among your super-powers, it is better to search for customized essays writing team, like ours. But still, if you decide to do it yourselves, there are two tips you should be aware of. The first one is that you need to follow your outline. Second, you need to use all the notes you made during the research.
  • Editing and proofreading. Most students find this stage troublesome. If you wrote a paper yourselves, you need to work a lot to make sure it is polished up. Moreover, you need to remove all unnecessary information and make sure your paper is readable and consistent. In this case, you might be interested in hiring an editor.

As you see, there are a lot of steps to complete to produce a high-quality essay paper. Of course, there are thousands of tips you can find online on how to make your essay perfect. But, which of them will work for you? No one sure, and you may spend days or even months to get your own how-to.

What is an essay structure?

Maybe one of the most important things in an essay paper is it is its structure. A properly structured essay is key to high grade. Above we talked about the process without focusing on primary parts. Here are the elements of custom essay you should have:

  • Introduction. The key feature of the introduction is the thesis. The good intro contains a consistent thesis on the problem, which represents your point of view.
  • Body. Body paragraphs are aimed to support your thesis. You should include details about your research in them. Of course, facts and analysis should be represented in the paper. Keep in mind that your paper should be consistent, so the changes in your mood or writing style shouldn’t influence your paper.
  • Conclusion. In this part, you should provide a conclusion for your paper. This part of the essay is important since you need not only present support to your thesis but also answer why you are right in your research. You need to have a so-called ‘hook’ in your conclusion and paraphrased version of your thesis.

As you see, custom writing essays is an art. And in addition to everything we have told you we would like to share one more trouble you might have: every teacher during your study will have custom requirements for paper writing. Maybe a little help from professionals is a better answer?

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